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Friday, June 28, 2013

Green Beans of Wonder

Have you ever awakened with food on your mind?

I awoke recently with green beans on mine, not just any green beans, but my own.  I was still savoring their taste from the day prior when eight had been my meal gently boiled with the last of last summer's garlic and five quarter-size potatoes (that were not mine) all held in a little brown bowl thrown by Thor at Sparta's Fragrant Mushroom. 

The week before I had been in the grocery buying green beans impulsively not realizing mine were of eating size. 

I so prefer being in my little raised beds over being in the grocery.  I have heard Jean Houston refer to needing to teach children 'whole system processes.'  She explained what she meant but it wasn't until growing and eating my green beans that I got it. I am an adult just learning about whole system processes which is why I am often filled with the wonder and magic of life. To mindfully be involved from planting to preparing is sacred. 

Growing things feeds me.  I do not grow enough to feed myself physically but the feeding I receive is the soul food of experience that for me at least can't be found in the grocery aisle.  

Yet this week as I awoke with beans on my mind the part I was taken with related to the bodily satisfaction I experienced as I ate one bean at a time.  (I do not usually eat one bean at a time, do you?)

A place in my core felt soulful, bodily satisfaction.  It was the taste as well as knowing this tangible, tender green thing before me, then in me, was a cooperative venture resulting over time involving nurturing and nature. 

"Little Farma" is about the relational whether you're growing just a bit like me in raised beds or buying food from local farmers. 

The next time a bite of something is on your fork, stop for a moment to consider your relationship to what is about to become a part of you.  Have you been a part of it? Don't judge. Be mindful.  Wonder.

-Dawn, The Good News Muse, 28 June 2013

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