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Monday, November 25, 2013

Bless the Bugs and the Common Man

This morning during my walk, I ran my hands through a neighbor's rosemary bush.  Within a few steps I gasped.  I had a bug on my glove.

This was not a "Yuck, a bug!" response. This was a gasp of compassion as I held this dead little green grasshopper of a sorts.

'Bless the bugs,' was the first thing I thought as I walked along feeling 'bug love.'  Bugs - they are small yet such survivors.  Many bugs work together in community.  I'm not a bugologist but I'm fairly certain this helps in their survival.  Bugs, in our time, have been assaulted by Monsanto's chemicals yet they persist. 

The bug reminded me of people. 

Bless the common man who feels so small.  He too now bears in his body evidence of Monsanto's assault as chemicals contribute to cancers and disease.

I walked along cupping the bug in my gloved hands.  I thought I felt life, but decided maybe I was just imagining things.

Jerry pulled into the driveway just as I walked up.  He was happy to see me.  I was happy because of the bug. (Fortunately my cherishing creatures is something he loves about me.)

I was especially happy because the bug I carried was not dead after all. 

Can you imagine my delight upon seeing the bug move first one leg then another.  The warmth of my hands must have awakened him from his sleep. He began to stretch.  This little bug was very much alive.   

I took a photo then filmed him before returning him outside to our rosemary bush.  Inside I smiled.  How many people return bugs to their yards knowing it or its kin may next summer eat the very plant on which it's placed.  I ensured he was tucked in leaves near the plants center knowing the cold was on its way.

As I turned to walk away I thanked the bug for reminding me... 

The common man may feel insignificant and small but like the bug he is persistent, strong. 

And like the bug, the sleeping people are waking. 

-Dawn, The Good News Muse at Imagine the Shift
26 November 2013 

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