Welcome to "Little Farma" where size matters. Let's grow big spirits, hearts and minds through loving the local and learning to listen while living close to the land.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Little Farma & Food Day !

Welcome to "Little Farma" where size matters - the size of your spirit, heart and mind. 

Little Farma's about loving, 
                                      and living.....
                                            loving the local, learning to listen and living close to the land.  

Today  October 24th "Food Day 2012" seemed the perfect day to get posting or planting in keeping with the farma theme.

Food Day is a national, annual celebration created by the Center for Science in the Public Interest to increase awareness and action for a more sustainable food future. Communities across the nation are hosting Food Day events and activities to support Food Day’s six commitments which include reducing diet-related disease through healthy foods, supporting sustainable farming and limiting subsidies to agriBusiness, expanding food access and alleviating hunger, protecting the environment and animals by reforming factory farms, curbing junk-food marketing to kids and supporting fair conditions for food and farm workers.

Click on this link Food Day for more information.  (In the Nashville, the Downtown Farmer's Market's hosting  Food Day events this evening.)

Let's make Food Day every day by supporting the above six commitments.  And join me here at "Little Farma" as we get back to the land we live on and the landscape within and remember the bigness of our spirits, hearts and minds! 
-Dawn, The Good News Muse  24 Oct. 2012

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