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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Little Farma's Back Story

The idea for "Little Farma" was birthed in 2009 when I wrote of taking farmaceuticals after discovering the joy of growing some of my own vegetables.  I surprisingly found I was fed not just literally but energetically and at an inner soul level while engaged in the process of growing things.  Here's how I happened upon the benefits of "Little Farma" concluding with a side effects list at the story's end to ensure I don't get sued for pushing healthy food. 

It started with this, a lettuce seed, the speck at which the pen points in the photo. There was something magical about planting these speck size seeds and ending up with sprouts, sprouts emerging from darkness, seeking light, finding form.

Thanks to Happy Frog fertilizer, a raised bed from Gardener's Supply and a truck load of dirt, my garden took form. This would not qualify as a garden to my  grandparents who had not one but two significant plots that fed them. But this 8 x 4 space became my Farm-acy of sorts where I first realized gardening had benefits on multiple levels. 

It was mid-April. I had just cleaned the driveway of twigs and leaves earlier that morning only to walk out and find bags of dirt at varying stages of emptiness strewn about as Jerry planted azaleas. In all fairness, he had no way of knowing I had just cleaned the driveway, yet I went to my default setting of disappointment and silence.  I resented having to work in the garden, like this was the garden's fault, yet I had a truckload of organic dirt to finish layering with Happy Frog and kelp.

In minutes while creating earthen lasagna, my mood completely lifted and shifted. Contrary to the spandex lifting underwear women are suppose to want, I prefer, "My garden shifts and lifts." I was chuckling over this when I realized all my anger and resentment were missing. There truly wasn't a negative feeling in my body. Growing food was good for my mood and my relationship. I was content, unusual for a Gemini. I was present and engaged, unusual for many today.

This is when I realized I wanted Farm-aceuticals. I'm not referring to corporately grown, perfect appearing, chemically covered, nutrient depleted, polished and shiny vegetables found in chain groceries across the country.  I want food birthed in my yard and in pots on the patio or bought from local farmer's markets.

My raised bed weeks (and years) after my first mood lift, continues to bring me joy. Every time I'm close to Earth whether pulling bugged leaves, fertilizing organically or planting something new, I experience a felt sense of connection to nature and myself.  In my body, I feel the sensation and joy of knowing we are so loved by nature.

I've witnessed the miracle of growing things (and since people including CEO's, lobbyists and right wing talk show hosts are growing things maybe there's a miracle awaiting there too.)

I've seen heart shaped leaves birth green beans and star shaped blossoms grow squash. My tomatoes haven't protested close quarters. I've gotten dozens of cherry tomatoes from my vines and this doesn't count the every other one I've eaten while picking.

I experience the alchemy of seeing plants I've tended over time become nourishment for my body and the tomatoes from a local man nearby become the spaghetti sauce and salsa that we'll enjoy for some time. Every yellow squash, green bean and zucchini, I've cooked has come from my personal grow-cery. 

Farmaceuticals helped save me.

Now I wonder how many of the depressed multitudes might benefit from farmaceuticals.  Millions are given anti-depressants even for a minor funk. Many of these people trade their everyday funk for the flatness resulting from prolonged anti-depressant use.  Prolonged use numbs experience whereas Farm-aceuticals are all about waking up to experience.

There were also the relational benefits since my resentment lifted that April Saturday.  Chronically held resentment ruins relationships and not only contributes to depression but to a myriad of physical symptoms.
My little farm-acy made me think growing something should be mandatory for everyone starting with our  representatives and senators. It's got to be harder maintaining ill will and mean spiritedness when you're digging in the dirt. (Of course, there could be a revolt if the government mandated growing things. People would show up to rallies with signs reading: The government can't make me eat vegetables from my own garden.) 

Farm-aceuticals is one piece of the answer to our present health care challenge.  Some people legitimately need drugs to live. Yet millions are offered unneeded drugs by well meaning doctors. I said, "No thank you."  (There's a story there.) I fear many don't even stop to consider the side-effects of pills or ask their doctor why he/she's prescribing medication.

Think about it. 

* Farmaceuticals are packed with nutrients.  Pharmaceuticals are packed with chemicals.

* Farmaceuticals come from Mother Earth. Pharmaceuticals come from labs. 

* Farmaceuticals alter the mood without addiction as a risk.  (Okay I admit, I'm already saving seeds for next year and have a lettuce tent in which I hope to grow greens through early winter.)

* If for some reason you need to find new health insurance, the only pre-existing condition related to Farma-ceuticals is a willingness to get dirty.  Pre-existing conditions related to pharmaceuticals result in higher premiums or no coverage for that specific condition. 

* I would be remiss to not mention side effects of Farmaceuticals. (This is where you imagine me speaking in that hurried, low and serious tone heard at the conclusion of drug commercials.)

Side effects include most of the following.   Time spent in front of the television and computer may decrease. One's home as well as friendships may be neglected. If you experience warm, bubbly, tingling unusual sensations, do not panic. These are the first signs of extreme peace and wholeness.  Food may taste different. This does not suggest taste bud disturbance. You are actually discovering how vegetables are suppose to taste. Farmaceuticals may result in random episodes of philosophical wonderings and creative surges. Farmaceuticals carry a risk of heart break due to the interaction of bugs and fungus on growing things. It is advised to engage and enjoy the process without attachment to outcome. If you experience any of the above, do not consult your doctor.

To get growing here's a seed for planting in the raised bed of your consciousness:   

Cultivate curiosity as to your relationship with food and how you experience listening?  Listening involves more than just our ears and auditory intake.  Listening deeply includes being open to take in information through your sight, experience, taste, touch and kinesthetically through our bodies sensations.   

Get Growing
-Dawn Kirk, The Good News Muse -(originally printed 08/14/09 chopped, diced and sliced 10/25/12)

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